Richard Neal is a Connecticut-based multi-instrumentalist (banjo, guitar, mandolin), recording studio operator, producer, session musician, stringed instrument teacher, songwriter, and performer. Visit Richard at

No Shows... 

Needless to say, all performance activity has been cancelled or postponed indefinitely.

Same with in-person recording sessions and one-on-one teaching.

While we are confined, I am available for remote lessons via Skype and recording overdubs or mixing projects.

Please stay safe until we can meet again...

The Black Bear Music Festival 

Over the weekend of October 11 - 13 I'll be conducting a couple of songwriting workshops: "This Land is Your Land: Deconstructing an American Folk Classic", and "Some Reasons for Rhyme".

Check their site for info:

I'll also be helping out my friends Kim and Erick at their jam tent.

See you there!

CT Folk Fest 

On Saturday, September 7, Edgerton Park in New Haven will be the scene for this annual gathering for music and green-related goings-on.

I'll be accompanying James Allyn on the main stage at 2:30, and then conducting a songwriting workshop at 6.

Visit their site at

See you there...


Few people work more diligently to promote music created by Connecticut-based artists than Aim D'Amaro.

Her showcase festival will take place this coming Saturday, May 18, and I am honored to have been invited to participate. My songwriting workshop, "Some Reasons for Rhyme" will take place from 2 to 3 PM.

Thank you Amy!

See you there...


Not mine, the musical.

I'll play guitar in the pit band for the Sacred Heart University production taking place over the weekend of April 4 - 7.

Big fun, visit the school's theater arts site for ticket info.

Let the sun shine in...

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